Abrams Falls
Something for Everyone!

Choosing the best waterfall hike was a tough decision. I chose Abrams Falls because it's beautiful and doable for most. The falls make a 20' dive into a large pool. You'll definitely want to bring your camera.

It's 2.5 miles to the falls and you'll gain 340' in elevation. I had a hard time classifying this waterfall. I decided on the "fan" type because it gets wider as it drops and has a fan-like look to it.

Total Hike Length: 5 miles Approximate Elevation: Starts at 1700', falls are at 1500', fairly level overall

How to get to the trail: Located between posts #10 and #11 on Cades Cove Loop Rd. (one-lane, one-way, paved, open year-round, closed sunset to sunrise). Turn right on unpaved side road. Drive to parking area at the end.

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