Keep on the Lookout for Elk!

What are the best reasons to visit Smokemont? How about great hiking, the chance to see elk, history, and even a waterfall!

At Smokemont Campground, you can tour Lufty Baptist Church. It was built in 1915. Family reunions and ranger programs are held there. You can find it by continuing straight after you cross the bridge to enter the campground. There's a small hill where you can park on the right.

Smokemont is located near the Cherokee entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Oconoluftee Visitor Center has a Mountain Farm Museum which is worth checking out. It is a self-guiding walk-through tour of what a mountain farm was like back before the Smokies became a national park.

A half-mile past Oconoluftee Visitor Center is Mingus Mill. What's neat about it is you can see how a grist mill works and there's a miller there to show you how corn is ground into cornmeal.

Smokemont- short for Smoky Mountains- got its name from a local logging company campsite in the early 1900s. By 1925, the logging industry in the Smokies was declining.

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